Dear friends,

On behalf of the International Fencing Federation and on my behalf, I am glad to welcome participants and guests of the Veterans Fencing World Championships, which are being held this year in the old Italian city of Livorno.
The veteran movement holds a special place in the fencing world. All those who do not imagine their lives without fencing and are ready, despite their age, to fight and win may practise their favourite sport over many years.
One may not have achieved great results in his or her previous sporting career; however, now one has a chance to win high titles by participating in Veteran tournaments. It is always an honour to become a world champion, after beating many strong opponents, no matter in which age category you fence, particularly as the level of the veteran movement grows from year to year as does the number of competition participants.
I would like to thank the organisers who have assumed the difficult task of organising this event, and I have no doubt that it will be held at the highest level especially given that Italy has long-standing fencing traditions.

Alisher Usmanov
FIE President

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