The referees are the responsibility of the Organising Committee and will be provided by the FIE. The numbers of referees will be completed by an adequate number of referees provided by the Italian Fencing Federation.


All the fencers must be equipped in accordance with FIE rules and must present themselves at the Weapon Checking Centre the day before their competition with the equipment they intend to use during the event in question.

The national federation’s logos are mandatory on breeches (both legs). The name and the nationality of the fencers must be printed on the back of the jacket in accordance with FIE rules.

List and maximum quantity of equipment to check:

Equipment and Weapon Control

  • Mask 2
  • Under plastron 2
  • Jacket 2
  • Breeches 2
  • Gloves 2
  • Weapons 4
  • Bodywire 3
  • Mask Wired 3
  • Lamé jacket 2

Antidoping control

According to Italian law, antidoping control can be made during official competitions and will be performed according to WADA code ( In case athletes have illnesses or conditions that require them to take particular medications which fall under the Prohibited List (, the Therapeutic Use Exemption application process shall be followed (cfr.

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