Tuscany’s port of Livorno.

Livorno is Tuscany’s second biggest city after Florence. Famous for its port, its charming seafront and the ironic humour of its citizens, Livorno is also Tuscany’s youngest city.
It was in 1575 that Francesco I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, commissioned the architect Bernardo Buontalenti to plan the first layout of the new city of Livorno. The idea of transforming a small village of fishermen and agricultural workers into a centre for trade was originally that of Francesco’s father, Cosimo de’ Medici, but it was subsequently carried out by his son Ferdinando (Francesco’s brother), who worked to give the decisive impetus to building the new city and developing trade.

The leggi Livornine

It is to Fernando I that the issue between 1591 and 1593 of the famous Leggi Livornine, is owed. These extraordinary laws invited “All you Merchants of Whatsoever Nation, from the East or West, Spaniards, Portuguese, Greeks, Germans and Italians, Jews, Turks, Moors, Armenians, Persians“ to settle in Livorno and carry out their business.

This series of acts cancelled taxes, debts and insolvencies, erased any criminal records and granted the widest religious freedom (as demonstrated by the presence, still visible in our time, of churches and cemeteries of different religions).
The Livornine gave Livorno the traits of a cosmopolitan city, and the numerous foreign merchants who came to trade here contributed to developing the importance of its port.


Currency: Euro €
Official language: Italian
Area code: +39 for Italy, followed by the number you wish to call
Average seasonal temperature
Spring 13 – 23 °C
Summer 22 – 32 °C
Autumn 17 – 26 °C
Winter 9 – 18 °C
Useful Numbers
Livorno’s tourism office : Via Pieroni 18/20
Tel 0586/820454, 0586/820285, 0586/820226 Fax 0586/518201
Livorno’s Townhall : Piazza del Municipio, 1, 57123 Livorno LI

Telephone:0586 820111

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