Welcome Fellow Veterans!

It is my special message to you all: the baby which was born in 1997 has become a twen – who had thought about this at the beginning?

After the FIE Congress in Guangzhou (CHN) had awarded the Veterans World Championships 2018 to Livorno, a “City of Fencing” in a “Country of Fencing”, I am extremely glad that one of last year’s champions in Maribor is involved and in charge of the organisation of this event. And from an initial participation of 36 fencers from 19 countries the development over the last 21 years has continuously increased – and we are looking forward to a new record with over 800 registered starters from all 5 continents!

It is my sincere wish to say thank you to all who were involved during these

years: first of all you, the fencers, who continued this elegant sport after your career or those who became a veteran fencer through other means; secondly the organisers who took the burden to take this task with enthusiasm; thirdly the Veterans commissions in all these countries, often without any support from their federation; and finally thanks to the engagement of the referees, DTs, delegates and volunteers who make this all happen.

I am looking forward to hopefully seeing most of you again this October in Livorno where we expect a new record of participating fencers and federations.
The Italian Fencing Federation is capable and ready to offer you a wonderful event in Tuscany.

Max Geuter
FIE Veterans Council

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