Bebe Vio

Bebe Vio, la Madrina

Beatrice “Bebe” Vio was born in Venice on 4 March 1997. She began fencing at the age of 5, and continued the sport until she was 11, when she was diagnosed with acute meningitis, which caused a chronic infection, as a result of which all 4 of her limbs were amputated.
After a hospital stay and a period of intensive rehabilitation, she took up sport again, devoting herself to Paralympic fencing, using a special prosthesis to hold her foil. She is the only fencer in the world who fences with the use of an artificial hand. In 2009, together with her family, she founded the non-profit organisation Art4Sport, which provides “practical/organizational support to the families of amputee children to enable them to play and have fun every day through sport”.
An out-of-the-ordinary talent and even rarer determination soon led her to achieve extraordinary results. Here are the most significant:

-Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games 2016 individual GOLD, team BRONZE.

- World Championships 2015 – Eger - individual GOLD
- World Championships 2017 – Rome - individual GOLD
team GOLD.

- European Championships 2014 - Strasbourg - individual GOLD
Team GOLD.

In December 2016 she was awarded the Golden Collar for Sporting Merit.

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